• XING Mobility develops advanced vehicle technologies by designing, building and racing electric prototype racers.



  • Founded in January 2015, XING Mobility develops technologies for tomorrow's vehicles by designing and constructing electric prototype racers for the track. The founders share a passion for disrupting the motorsports and automotive landscape with cutting-edge engineering and designs for tomorrow’s smart vehicles. The XING Mobility team has extensive backgrounds in motorsports, road car design and engineering, and product manufacturing.


    Technology Developed Through Racing

    Race tracks are where experiments on advanced automobile technologies are constantly tested and pushed to the limit. Innumerable advancements in safety, economy, efficiency and comfort in today’s road vehicles came from racing. As innovations initially developed for race cars to have a better winning edge in competitive motorsports, these technologies were then adapted into consumer vehicles to benefit all drivers. XING Mobility believes that racing drives innovation, and positions racing as our experimental lab and proving ground to develop technology for tomorrow’s road vehicles.

    EV and the Taiwan Advantage

    Electric Vehicles have leveled the playing field in the automotive industry.  Taking maximum advantage of the strong automotive manufacturing supply chain of Taiwan, XING Mobility achieves the shortest distance from engineering concept to manufacturing reality never before imaginable, and never ever possible for gasoline cars.  The XING Mobility LMD-000e Electric Prototype Racer has 90% of its parts sourced within 300km.  Directly linked to manufacturers in close proximity, XING Mobility stands to challenge traditional vehicular business models.

    See our interview on TEDxTaipei

  • The story behind the wheels, an electrifying race dream

    Cofounders Royce YC Hong and Azizi Tuckers share the XING story

    October 18, 2015 | TEDxTaipei

    Azizi and Royce met as TEDxTaipei speakers in 2013. Sparked by their shared passion for automobiles and bleeding-edge technology, the two joined forces to create XING Mobility, the first ever Electric Race Car and Supercar maker and advanced vehicle engineering consultancy based in Taiwan. They believe that Motorsports are field experiments for tomorrow’s mobility engineering, and the future of transportation will emerge from progressive technologies developed for the racetracks. Currently, they are developing electric racing and road cars with very high power battery systems.



    We develop advanced mobility solutions for international clients. From complete vehicle design or custom components, we employ cutting edge technology and engineering to deliver outstanding designs and prototypes.



    We design, engineer and build prototype road cars and race cars with a primary focus on high-performance electric vehicles, with stunning fusion of form and performance.



    Our focus on electric vehicles allows us to parallel develop automotive products and performance components for other road vehicles and commercial mobility applications.





  • "Miss E" -Electric Prototype Racer LMD-000E

    Nicknamed "Miss E," XING Mobility’s LMD-000E is the first electric prototype race car designed, engineered, and made in Taiwan.


    This prototype racer features a carbon-steel hybrid chassis, carbon fiber body panels, a 350kw motor and inverter from Cleanwave Technology and is powered by XING Mobility’s own patent pending LCHD (Liquid-Cooled High Discharge) battery technology.


    XING Mobility’s LMD-000E represents the environmentally responsible future of motorsports. It is a mobile laboratory for advanced vehicle technology breakthroughs that will help shape the future of mobility.


    EV Drivetrain

    • 450v high power density motor and controller
    • Horsepower: 400hp @ 6000rpm
    • Torque: 430Nm @ 0-4500rpm
    • SADEV 6-speed racing transmission
    • Driver-controlled regen pedal
    • XING-bus Multiplex wiring & comm, sytem
    • WiFi connectivity for data acquisition & service

    Battery System

    • 33kWh/450v
    • Liquid Cooled High Discharge Battery Pack
    • 3,240 Lithium-Ion 18650 cells
    • 108 configurable battery modules
    • Enhanced protection against thermal run-away
    • Designed for automated/mass assembly
    • SAE J1772 charging system


    • Carbon-Steel Hybrid Chassis
    • F&R impact absorbing structure
    • with IMPAXX 300 material
    • Carbonfiber body panels
    • Multilink suspension w. 3-way adjustable dampers
    • 6-piston brake calipers
    • 1,300kg


    Design, Engineered &

    Made in Taiwan.

    • 1,700+ Parts & Assemblies
    • Constructed in Taishan District, New Taipei City
    • 90% parts sourced within 150km radius


  • Photos & Videos

    Miss E's First Shakedown

    Inaugural shakedown run of "Miss E," XING Mobility LMD-000E Electric Prototype Racer on December 3rd, 2015, at the Penbay International Circuit in Ping-Tung, Taiwan.ribing this item.

  • Jobs

    XING Mobility is a small company with big plans. We are designing and building complete, road-leagal electric vehicles here in Taipei. In addition, we provide engineering consulting services and product development for electric vehicle products.


    Xing Mobility is looking for individuals who are passionate about high-performance cars and electric vehicles for a number of job positions.

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